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Translation: Mila hua



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  • between left and right        3

  • i                                       7

  • you                                  10

  • he, she, it                        14

  • we, you, they                  18

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  • the «secret» formular       31




Spirituality has nothing in common with esoteric people consuming way too much stuff. It is also not a concept or a fashion trend. You would have to try remember back to your own childhood to rediscover the feeling that motivated you, despite your fears, which slowly got lost with every „No“, „You’re not allowed to“ or „You have to do it like this“. Remember the moment when you made the mistake of responding to your parents’ calls and shouts. You identify yourself with your name ever since you learnt it – but you aren’t your name. You aren’t your favorite sports club, although you feel empathetic towards the failures of your idols. We could find many other examples like body parts to confirm what you are not. Here begins the adventurous journey through the spectrum of your finite infinity.

I don’t want to indoctrinate you or unnecessarily waste your time – I’ll leave this task to your environment. It’s already all written down and when you begin to read these lines with head and heart, you’ll realize that the word is dead and the feeling is missing. The written answers even raise more questions and you will search or interpret meaning between the lines. I want to inspire you to find the answers yourself in order to independently remember your former #self and recognize all the options and possibilities. I really wish to describe them to you but every sentence would be a miserable attempt of capturing these radiant worlds by using pale ones. Semanticists would quit their jobs as all words lose their meaning. It’s this timeless place beyond all anger, fear and vulnerability. Beyond all thoughts, desires and dreams. When we bring this place to our world through us, we will create heaven on earth.

between left and right

On the outside, they call it science, but inside, it’s spirituality. Initially, these terms sound like two worlds that couldn’t be more different. And yet, science feeds on the spiritual hunger in order to understand things and spirituality needs science to logically explore the facts. In the extreme, the esotericist feels unteachable and subjectively connected to all, while the teachable exotericists sees himself objectively isolated. Since the entirety cannot be caught rationally or materially, you’ll ride a bumpy road between sense and nonsense. This is how various ideologies caused many wars due to religion, although they all share the same purpose. Therefore, all religions are right or they’re all wrong. The nonsense is palpable. The louder you are, the more convinced you are in your world view. The loudest people are at the extreme border of each side, trying to drown the other side and thus often turn a blind eye to the centre where the inspiring characters happen to be, who question all sides instead of just having one opinion.

A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”


#Albert Einstein

Religion und natural science do not exclude each other as some people
believe and fear nowadays, but they complement and imply each other.
The immediate evidence for the compatibility of religion and natural science
is the historical fact that especially the greatest naturalists of all
times, men like Kepler, Newton, Leibniz, were inspired by profound
religiosity ..


#Max Planck

The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”


#Werner Heisenberg

These Nobel Laureates in Physics were fascinated of the entirety and have studied it in all measurable facets. What couldn’t be understood was an incentive to dig deeper between the worlds. These wonderful depths in all directions captivated us so much that we lost ourselves in the ocean between the seas of the world and the sea of the worlds.

Fractals are patterns that can be found in bigger and smaller scales in themselves. Snowflakes, rivers, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, mountains, vortices, lather, trees, fruits, vegetables, wavelengths, your brain, awareness, even your heartbeat or our galaxy follow these structures ideally after the Golden Section or the Golden Spiral. #Everything and #Nothing separated by the space of time which together form the whole. If we don’t recognize the patterns of the nature, we unawarely only see the roaring picture of white ants fighting against the black ones.

The truth is like a walk with two friends: The one on your left-hand side, the other on the right-hand side. Both will only see one side of you and would have to switch sides to discover the other one. This contradiction will lead to confusion on both sides which also will lead to conflicts. The contradiction arises through the space-time and changes from day to night and from warm to cold. Due to the space of time, things exist and simultaneously, they do not exist. Thus the world seems to be desperately beautiful and these lines seem to be contradictory. An information is only a fragment of the truth that will only bring you in formation but to no findings. Information will bring you knowledge that can be lived and tested. Experience arises through intuitive knowledge. It will bring you realization or enlightenment. Science comes only to awareness due to experiments, too. It’s similar to using a fork for your soup until someone offers you to use a spoon. By using this knowledge and the spoon, you will come to the realization that spooning a soup is much more comfortable. But in fact, this spoon doesn’t exist at all.


The #I or the #self has no identity and is the essence of life and awareness. Form, color and complexity can vary but every being shares the same source and it experiences itself by being disconnected from itself. In the beginning, the #self doesn’t know of being disconnected from itself or others. It’s being provided unconditionally and can unfold freely. Due to space and time, this instinctive care will be taken away and the #self increasingly has to look after itself. Vital human needs such as warmth, comfort, closeness, attention, trust, exchange, confirmation, peace of mind, need to communicate etc. are important and characterize the development. If one or more of the needs can’t be met, the #self will blame itself or others or declares the need as unimportant. To fill the resulting emptiness, the #self divides itself and creates a self-chosen self-image. This self-image is supposed to damp the need and keep up appearances in order to hide it in front of fellow human beings.

In times of puberty, the self slowly gets repressed by the developing self-image. It’s creating a protecting wall that helps to isolate the inside world from the outside. Needs are now difficult to communicate. Since other human beings will see the #self how it is now, and not how it’s should be, because the environment is how it is, and not how it’s supposed to be, the #self is disappointed by itself, others and the situation itself. These conflicts arise on the inside and will be projected outside and brings people to take control of the environment instead of self-control.

By successfully facing acceptance, attention and confirmation, the self-image gets more confident in its self-deception and grows a bigger self-confidence. But self-confidence does not equally mean self-awareness. If the #self was aware of itself, it wouldn’t need any self-portrayal, self-confidence, self-confirmation or other things that push its self-delusion.

Self-image, self-instinct, identity, false ego, reduced vehicle (Indian: Hinayana) or commanding soul (Arab: al-nafs al-’amara) – there are many terms from various cultures for this construct that you built up over the past years. It has entirely consumed you by now and made you a slave of yourself. Your created self-image develops a whole independent existence and starts to oppose you and your environment in order to satisfy its steadily rising demands. It makes you a mental prisoner and it seems to be important how others think and judge you. You slowly forget your#self and you try to keep up and sell this identity of yours to your environment which is expecting this behaviour of you.

Little by little, you swapped your true self for your identity which is what you think it is but which it isn’t you in most cases. Within having built the wall with every loss, fears and doubts, to protect your vulnerable inner child, you unintentionally buried it beneath it. The ego is still a child and can’t flourish in its entirety. You have no need to suffer from a false ego and you don’t need to defend it nor be victim of your own despairs. Your ego is not your mind. Don’t worry, you won’t lose it but you’ll have to realign it for it’s not working against you anymore. You also won’t have to distract nor numb yourself any more in order to calm your mind.


Your thoughts are influenced by your senses that give you the motifs to living the affect. You get this feeling by an impulse: You think of ice cream and your ego creates this motif wishing for ice cream and that you really want some right now. It’s up to your will power now if you get up to get some ice cream or to resist this desire. A new cycle starts that develops to an addiction or a delusional behaviour, when lived out daily, in case you’re looking for distraction, happiness or other conditions. I’m sorry, would you like some ice cream, too?

When leaving out some details, your self-image or false ego is what you want to be. Your ego though is your self-aware coordinate origin in the universe that judges and collects, ignores and isolates information, feelings, friends, money and all the things that are keeping you busy over the years. You judge over others, your environment and all the things and give them their respective value and importance. The same happens when others judge over you. They set the value of things for you. This is how i.e. idols or special offers are created. The weight of the judging thoughts lead your ego, and with the help of your own will power, to camp in front of an Apple store or a concert, to argue with other customers over a special offer or to curiously just watch this spectacle happen.

The attention which you watch these going-ons with is your focus. It helps you to repress or to perceive in detail. Concentrating simply means to put your concentration focussed on something. You use your attentiveness to think twice in situations which you are frightened of. You perceive and appreciate your inside and outside world through this mindful attention.

Your senses possess a positive, neutral and negative condition and can’t be separated in their entirety. Every feeling is counterbalanced with its other side due to the contradiction of the space-time. These moments will happen over and over again and are part of the sinus of life. If you feel cold, warmth will bring back the balance and vice versa. If you suppress one side and rather focus on the other one, the negative principle with its suppressed side will appear in emotional moments and an instinctive struggle or flight behaviour against a feeling will grow out of fear.

Pack, survival or lust instincts are responsible for species survival, self-preservation and are induced by a region of the brain stem. This part is the oldest, biggest and deepest section of the brain of vertebrate animals (such as reptiles). This is why some people like to use the term ’reptilian brain’. Instincts are innate abilities which stubbornly follow their impulse and program. Due to instincts, the world is black and white, there’s only fight or flight. Your intuition on the other hand grows with every experience and helps you to gain new skills and collect experiences. You should follow your senses intuitively and not instinctively. Negative feelings are instructive, positive ones form the balance. There are no mistakes, only lessons which you can learn from. If you don’t learn from them, the same mistakes will repeat over and over again in various other ways. Fire can not be fought with fire as long as the torch will be held against the fire. The instinct provides the survival, the intuition provides the development.

So many things are unfair as they’re seen from the judging angle. However, from a different perspective, it’s a necessity to create an appropriate balance. Due to the space of time, everyone of us wanders in the grey spectrum between the extremes of black and white. Everyone is a bugger or is having a bad day from time to time. We all are „good“ and „evil“ and there is only a variability in the extreme’s level. The best way is to live in the centre of everything. To find the middle of hypochondriac and ignorance of one’s own diseases. Between a life for one’s work and to work to live. Between holism and atomism. The middle between sense and mind. Yet, the centre is often associated with ignorance, stagnancy, death and boredom, while the midst of life is the most active part when the spectrum of life is between inhalation and exhalation. Hold your breath and think about it. When you’re about to gasp, ask yourself what happiness means. Take a deep breath and feel the life awakens in you. You only have to remember what you are in your entirety.

Karma exists even before you begin to act. You are the genetic sum of your ancestors and you also possess their fears, sorrows or desires that lead you to act. This is how the law of cause and effect was created. The butterfly effect perfectly exemplifies this rule. Initial small actions can turn non-linear, dynamic and deterministic chain reactions to a hurricane, proverbially by the flap of a butterfly’s wing. If the waves you caused strike resistance, they will return to you.

You don’t have to kill your own ego. Thats just another extreme that accidentally got preached by teachers who need their ego to be able to teach. Life isn’t about to kill your ego or to breath twice a day. It is more about to be as a whole with your ego as well as to find and feel the midst in it. To be what you are and what your self-image tries to be. Egoism is a natural phenomenon in every aware creature to find its place in the world and to find itself. In this way, a plant unintentionally replaces another in order to unfold and grow to the nourishing centre. Don’t take your self-image with its worldview too seriously since this isn’t you. Be the answer to your problems by finding the roots in your#self. Almost everything needs its downside. like the will needs its desires and desires needs a will to exist.

He, She, It

Physically seen, we use only one gender. But the #self is male, female and infantile. However, the infantile part gets more and more repressed and genders are determined by physical features. The gender mania is the outcome of a collective identity crisis. Men who feel captured in their bodies only have a strong female sense and vice versa. They have a good sense for balance and don’t have to create more identities that influence them or fascistically divide them in more groups. They’re already the self with which they can live in balance and harmony instead to clutter it with more identities. Love doesn’t really care, it simply just wants to love.

Loving the love – for the sake of love – creates sorrow and leads you to look for it in places in which you’re interchangeable and treated like it. Find the true love in your#self and you’ll find yourself in warmth and comfort that aren’t of this world. The environment which you love can remind you of it but isn’t responsible for your needs for warmth, affection, confirmation etc. and in the end, it’s also only looking for its needs.

The selfish love needs silent, oral or written contracts in order to feed its own needs. We give ourselves silent contracts in order to be a good human being, partner, employer, boss or parent and to meet the dogmatic requirements of our culture that we already know from the cradle and that are deeply rooted in us. This is how we immediately see our fellow human beings’ the dark sides. We judge and criticize them only because we suppress this side ourselves instead of accepting and bringing it in balance with the other side without hurting our#self or others. We make oral contracts with others to provide and control our own needs after warmth, comfort, certainty, closeness, attention, trust, communication, confirmation or peace of mind. We make written contracts to legally ensure the providing.

Many relationships are hold like a controlled regime while love gets more and more confused with desire, passion, feel consumption and providing. In this kind of relationship the female part bothers while the male part acts destructive. True love is the glue of the universe and holds everything unconditionally together. The woman chooses the dance while the man leads the steps. But unfortunately, the man forgot how to lead. This leads to confusion and brings the conflict.

Free unconditional love to your#self and to others has nothing to do with open relationships and gratification of lower instincts. It happens on a deeper, spiritual level. It doesn’t demand possession or a contract, it supports each other with the providing of the needs. This kind of love doesn’t expect anything, hence it will be richly rewarded. Yet the environment is missing the insight and realization and greedily refreshes itself on others. Love your neighbour as yourself. When you succeed to accept and unconditionally love yourself in your entire spectrum, you will easily accept and unconditionally love your neighbor, as well. Especially the rough edges create the individuality of your counterpart.

Your senses and thoughts take place in your#self, although you seem to look for them in the outside where you also try to control them. Because of the space-time, this contradiction can be found everywhere. In every probability calculation, in the obvious, in nature, in your counterpart and particularly in yourself. But the instinct often gets in your way. The tempting part of a woman is between her legs while for men it’s in the head. The male side takes while the female one gives. The contradiction is found in the orgasm when the male devotes himself and the female takes what she needs. Living beings act like they are dependent on love because of their instinct and desire. This phenomenon brings some people to act like primates that mindlessly rub their genitals. #emotion junkie

Everyone tries to selfishly satisfy his or her own needs. Only few want to admit it and even fewer recognize the solution of many problems in themselves. Jealousy grows when the supposed providing could provides someone else which rises the fear that the own needs won’t be satisfied sufficiently. Many empathic humans help their environment in order to give themselves a better feeling. So we shouldn’t always blame others when talking about to satisfy our own needs. One needs more, the other one needs less. One is more foolish, the other one is perfect in his self-delusion. There’s only the variation of the level of the extreme.

When you try to dissuade someone’s belief, you’re acting like an addict.


#Vera F. Birkenbihl

The world is the mirror to your inside world. You can be upset about it or learn from it, especially in those moments when you often won’t be willing to hear the truth. The self-image creates this judging mirror to protect itself and directly presents it to your uncontrollable environment. Whereas the environment uses the very same mirror in a different way. If you criticize the missing perception of others, you, too, have a lack of emotional, uncontrollable moments. If you criticize the missing rational logic of others, you, too, act illogically in emotional, uncontrollable moments. People often criticize the things on others that they don’t like and tend to suppress on themselves. Be aware and attentive. The contradiction can be found everywhere due to the space-time. If you think that everything is broken, hand over the control and begin to feel. If you’re feeling too much, which makes you suffer from your empathic characteristic, compensate it with peace, patience and strength of your own masculine principle.

The feminine side knows exactly what to do, but can’t explain it while the masculine one can explain but, in turn, doesn’t know what he is doing. One side is missing the insight, the other one is missing the sense. The female, emotional, creative, intuitive intelligence (EQ or emotional quotient) is your gastrointestinal tract, your gut feeling or your first brain which has an impact made by feelings. The male, rational, logic intelligence (IQ or intelligence quotient) is located in the human brain with its spinal cord. The infantile will power is situated in the region of the plexus solaris which is the core of your ego and which is directed by the masculine and feminine side. Your heart is the rhythmical contradiction and mediator between both sides. Due to the unconditional and contradictory region of the heart, the female side receives the insight and the male one, the sense. When sense and sensibility are in balance, the child can unfold. Everything needs its balance, otherwise it will perish by itself.

We, You, They

#We are intellectual animals that put themselves above all other animals as long as the true self is hidden in front of others. Our ego makes #us – without exception – to racists, wherefore fascism is so effective. Look at your environment and tell me that this wasn’t caused by the extremes and their biased voices. Racism means judging and dividing. You separate your environment with the male principle in order to process information more easily. Fascism is a tool to use racism in order to divide and set us upon one and another. Unfortunately, this is very effective to many people. We all wear the negative, positive and mediating neutral law in us – in different portions. You can never fight against evil as it’s the repulsive side of the very same energy.

I am the spirit that negates. And rightly so, for all that comes to be Deserves to perish wretchedly; ‘Twere better nothing would begin. Thus everything that that your terms, sin, Destruction, evil represent— That is my proper element.”


#Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust – Part One

I don’t wanna kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No. No…no. You…you complete me.


#Joker, Batman

#You are only a result as soon as the propagated fascism is effective and divides us. Every extreme has its hazard and therefore got stamped stereotypically, whether the right party is against foreigners and the left or vice versa. In this stage, tolerance is equally dangerous as intolerance and the left party just as extreme as the right one. Divide and rule. In order to keep the control, each struggles against every other and to be very sure, also against himself. A Brave New World.

#They will always disagree. There are always people who can’t control themselves but try to contradictorily control others. Use your attentive awareness and question everything in order to awake independently. You live in a world of the world and additionally, in a digital world. An illusory world with a simulacrum, ruled by fraktale protocols which stimulate and manipulate us on many levels. While many people starve in poorer countries, lots of people in industrial countries die of depression. In order to distract from this fact, the population’s happiness is measured by the economic and commercial power of the country, since there’s no boundary for greed. You are kept small-minded and alienated from yourself and others. How can you know the meaning of silence when you were born in a vibrating room? Your family and their family and even their family got used to it, since they never lived in a different way. Do you recognize the illusory freedom in which you can choose which water you drink and which car you drive while you are blind to the huge wheel in which you are sitting right now and which you have to keep running constantly? As long as fear and guilt consciously address the society’s instinct, the community can’t evolve but rather fights against another, driven by fascism. Wouldn’t it make more sense to direct this war against yourself instead of each other? #We all are in the same boat, #you don’t want to accept it and #they want to see it burned down. Due to money, nobody really knows what’s right and valuable anymore.


Meditation is the ticket to your inside world. It’s often used under various names though they all mean the same. There are different techniques to train your attentiveness, attention, self reflection, sensitivity, intuition, peace, patience, awareness, harmony, self-discipline etc. Meditation gives you the sensitivity for your inside and also outside world. You might already know some of the techniques. Everytime you are playing games, making music, painting, writing, dancing, singing, laughing or loving, you find your#self in a timeless and devoted moment in which you don’t think at all, you’re just living it. In this moment, you’d even dare jumping off a cliff without thing about it. You’d just do it. Hand the control over to your intuition and jump. Dive into your inside worlds where all the thoughts, dreams, fears, desires and longings are floating on the surface. Dive right through all the things that roll by which you don’t pay attention to and you will approach to your true core. How long it will take depends on your willpower.

The spiritual way is comparable to bicycling. You shouldn’t tilt too much to one side or else you will soon lose the balance. Even when the falls hurt, you will learn to stand up everytime and get the right feeling to develop the sensitivity for keeping the balance. Find your own way between both extremes that actually should only help you as road markings. This realization helps you to master the bicycle and you simply get easier to all the undiscovered places. You surely know the difference between personally attending a live concert or watching one on tape. The sooner you learn to meditate independently and to develop your#self through your intuition, the faster you get to all the wonderful places. Many people feel more secure when they have or know of borders. They fear the impacts of their actions, dread making mistakes and feel most comfortable being controlled,by routine environment. In fact, it’s easy to live in this comfort zone but there comes a time when you feel like you’re entering a vicious circle. In case you’re feeling dizzy of it – this is called midlife crisis. No worries, that’s only the moment in which you realize that you’re still in the comfort zone.


If you want to change the world, start with yourself. If you want to change yourself, start with your attitude. If you want to change your attitude, start with your world view. Your world view is created by your experiences, memory, moral, dogmas, knowledge and wisdom.

In this chapter, you will find some easy techniques for the beginning. All techniques certainly need time and patience but the results are tremendous. As in many sports, they need a routine training to achieve a noticeable success after having conquered the fears, doubts and laziness with your willpower and curiosity. Start small but stay persistent. You can meditate every time, in every place and in every comfortable position. Even ten minutes in the morning or after work often should be sufficient. You can’t meditate too much but you also shouldn’t get lost in it. Both worlds should be at balance. #diy


Yoga are various philosophic and spiritual concepts to reconcile your body, mind and soul. Yoga has nothing in common with ’power ’, a ’sexy belly & slender waist’ or exaggerated breathing exercises. These concepts really miss the point and can even damage your body. It’s only important to find the balance from everything. Yoga is something very personal. There are numerous kinds which you can find on the internet or in books.

#Walking Meditation

In order to get some distance from things or to process something new, a walk is both a simple and efficient solution. Find a nice place in the nature where you feel comfortable and get rest from your everyday life.


QiGong is a Chinese system for concentration, meditation and movement. These exercises prevent diseases, strengthen your immune system and support harmony, well-being, concentration, strength, intuition and your self-healing.

#The inner Smile

A basic exercise of the silent QiGong is The inner Smile. Picture how you smile without smiling. After a short period, you’ll notice the effect. Recognize which influence your thoughts have.

#One Point Meditation

Your main chakras intercommunicate with your spinal cord, brain, glands, organs or your second body. They influence your mind, health and spiritual development. If one or more chakras are blocked for a longer time period, it could come to mental or physical sufferings. With One Point Meditation you train your attentive attentiveness, you strengthen your immune system, you stay fit, more active, more creative, calmer, happier, you get more motivation, clarity and balance. You will benefit soon from this technique for integrating it in your daily life and simultaneously treat it from top to bottom. One Point Meditation can balance your biochemical household. Manual and exercice frequencies (MEDITATION STARTER-KIT) under:


Download the PDF file .


We sleep as long as we work. Dreams are a different kind of reality which control us until the alarm goes off and the aware world begins. But where are you beforehand? You might remember some scenes during the day but unfortunately, the everyday life is so distracting that by puberty, the dreams get lost unnoticed. Approximately at the same time, we increasingly start to lose our#self. How many dreams can you really remember? While waking up, take your time to internalize your dreams. You might start with a dream diary, in case you don’t want to talk about them. It’s useful to recognize patterns and you’ll remember them more often as you’ll be even more aware of your dreams. The more focus you put on your dreams, the more aware you are of your second life. Don’t be scared, nothing can happen to you. Try to relax and witness a spectacular experience. Horror movies inspire and materialize your fears. You will recognize that the subliminal manipulative games and movies become monotonous and boring when you start to dream actively and to remember them again.


Breathing often is underestimated – just like nutrition or dreams. But breathing is decisive and essential in your life. Try to breath awarely. The slower you breathe, the calmer you are. Inhale with ’ha’, hold for a moment and exhale with ’vuh’. Don’t talk at the same time and try to exhale the ’vuh’ as if you whispered it against a window. inhale through the nose and exhale with “hah” Enjoy the breathing and don’t breathe too extremely, otherwise you’ll unnecessarily strain your lungs. While inhaling, allow the life to enter into your body and feel it while holding your breath for a moment and finally exhale all the ballast. 

#Cloud Meditation

When was the last time you were lying in the green countryside and looking in the sky the whole day long? When you realize that you’re alive and you’re enjoying the moment, you’ll notice all the beautiful things that become irrelevant next to the struggle with your identity and its aftermath.

#Art and its expressions

The oriental dervish is a good example which brings you in a meditative rhythmical state of trance. Some dances can lead you in an awarely timeless condition in which you forget your thoughts and self-image. Rhythmical frequencies help many people to enter into meditation. The less you demand, the richer you get. A true master pleasures the things he already owns.

#Visualization / Imagination

Many meditation and dream techniques use imagination. The longer and the more realistic you imagine something, the better you can handle certain techniques. In the beginning, it’s easier with eyes closed and simple things. This technique also works with sounds, odours, tastes, senses etc.


When applying this technique in the right way, auto suggestion is a very useful tool with which you can carry your inside world to the outside. ’I am: … peaceful, balanced, calm, patient, strong, successful’ etc. Right before falling asleep or after waking up are the best timing to repeat these suggestions about 40 times. A post-it in any room or on a mirror would support the effect as well. What’s important: One wish and not all at once. Plus, the imperative form: ’I am’ and the feeling that your wish has already come true. Your entire self must be convinced like it’s the case of i.e. your self-image. #placebo.

#Your inner clock

Use your imagination and set the alarm with the time you want to wake up at, while using the auto suggestion to underline your plan to wake up at this certain time. Set an alarm 15-20 minutes later, just to be on the safe side. The more often you train it, the more punctual you wake up at this particular time. You can also use this technique in your daily routine to get the impulse that brings you to the right places in the right time. Sensitive and intuitive people will have it easier to use their inner clock.

#Dream journeys

Dream or fantasy journeys are a playful way to encourage your imagination. Whether someone leads you or you lead yourself, your mind conjures up pictures that grow more lively from time to time. You can find many dream journeys on YouTube. Choose one with a pleasant voice that doesn’t annoy you and try yourself to fantasize. You’ll find it more and more easier to imagine vivid things which is important for advanced techniques.


White Tantra (The right hand’s path) deals with renunciation, asceticism and unconditional inherence to the highest. Red Tantra comes along with a mystical, advanced path of inauguration including certain mantras, creative power, the right inner attitude, breathing and will power. The highest forms of Anuttarayoga-Tantra lead you to the condition of death and reincarnation. Kamasutra is the sex of the midst. This has nothing in common with the gratification of lower instincts and rather takes place in a very different, very connecting level.

#To let go

To let go is often associated with ’letting fall’. But it’s only the closure of a loss. Thinking back to your first losses: How did you deal with them? By accepting it, you embrace the loss and process it with sense and sensibility. Having processed the loss, you can close and put it into the boxes of memories.

The secret formula

There’s no formula nor secret. You’re the wonderful secret yourself that you have to decode. There’s no ’the only right way’ *epic music in the background while flashes of lightnings fall from the sky*. When you start to search independently, you’ll find the middle between the half-truths and acquire your experiences as well as the truth that comes with them. That’s the path of ’enlightenment’. You began to walk it in blind uncertainty and with every step you bring light into the darkness. The right attitude and the caring pursuit to the source lead you in the right direction. This path holds an endless flow of experiences and the awakening is only one of them.

Many people confuse awakening with ’enlightenment’. Awakening is the moment in which you can’t stop laughing and, under tears of joy, remember your self in all other living beings. #facepalm Awakened persons are often called guru or master. They get the impulse to carry love and inspiration into the world. They take the environment caringly by the hand and guide them patiently to their self. They love their place and task in this world so much that they don’t really care to go any further since they already serve the highest. On which level, will be up to oneself. However, you are still succumbed to your instincts and needs which is why some gurus tend to feel like gods and create a new self-image. Be aware and attentive to everything and to your#self. When the sparkling quell of the awakeness calms down, you can feel free to caringly study even the last of all the endless waves of the awareness. From there you’ll find your path and won’t need any water wings anymore.

The journey will never end.

I wish you the best, much love and tickling wisdom.

In memory of my wonderful father who passed away while I was writing these lines. I accepted it and will let go over time, without ever forgetting you. I think of you with love and I thank you for everything. You will live on through your children.




Translation: Mila hua

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